About Us

Our Vision

Habeeb Ali Medical Center provides the most effective treatments for patients by integrating both conventional and alternative medicine that address all aspects of pain and wellness. We customize a state of the art approach which integrates the latest technologies, techniques, and expertise of our numerous physicians. This combination allows us to provide our patients with one treatment solution that not only treat their symptoms, but also the root causes of the condition as well.

Integrated Pain Management

At Habeeb Ali MD, we have identified the key components that contribute to acute and chronic pain. Our interventional pain specialists work hand in hand with our Orthopedist, licensed Physical Therapists, and other members of our rehabilitation team. Together we develop an integrated pain management program, which not only addresses the elimination of pain, but also prevents future reoccurrences or relapses. This is achieved by developing aggressive rehabilitation protocols for each individual pain patients by licensed Physical Therapist and Physical Medicine Specialists.

Integrated Health and Wellness

Wellness is living a healthy life and maintaining a proactive and preventative attitude about health. Our team of internists, chiropractors, acupuncturists, and nutritionists work together to provide comprehensive health and wellness solutions for our clients.

We can help our clients:

  • Reduce or discontinue their medications
  • Help with weight loss and choosing the right workout regimen
  • Feel more energetic and sleep better at night
  • Improve posture
  • Cultivate nutrition and allergen awareness

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Your utmost care is our promise.